Welcome to the website!

I know, it's not very fancy, is it? "Are you sure we need this?" I asked my publisher,when he reminded me that I had yet to do the website.

"I already told you that," he replied. "And you saw the bio on the back of the book - 'visit www.MitchellHadley.com for more information.' What's it going to be like if people go there and all they see is a blank page? From an author?"

I've seen my share of blank pages in my time, and they're not very inspiring, especially when you're trying to fill them up. "I understand," I said.  "Don't worry, I'll have something up in the morning."

"You'd better," was all he said. "The book's coming out next week, you know."

The funny thing is, you'd think it would be easy to fill a half page on a website when you'd just finished writing 200 pages for a book, but it's not.  So consider this a work in progress.

But at the very least, this will give you a chance to learn more about me, to read my writing about classic television and other cultural issues, and most of all to learn more about The Collaborator. It's my hope that you'll be interested enough to buy it if you haven't already done so, and that you'll want to become part of the conversation both here and at the other sites.

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