Mitchell Hadley is the author of three books of fiction and nonfiction, recognized as a classic television historian, and a commentator on American culture. A 1982 graduate of Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Hadley spent many years in local and state politics, including running for the Minnesota state legislature in 1998.

A convert to the Catholic Church, his interest in the Vatican and its affairs dates dates back to the dual papal elections of 1978, and he has been a keen observer of the relationship between religion and politics, as well as the role Catholicism plays in the modern world. His 2015 novel The Collaborator was an outgrowth from his analysis of the current situation, depicting a struggle between a progressive pope and a conservative cardinal for control of the Church, a story that readers found both timely and provocative.

His second novel, The Car, was published in 2018. It deals with a man who becomes fascinated with finding the owner of an apparently abandoned car. As his fascination turns to obsession, he embarks on a journey that plumbs the depths of what it means to leave one’s mark on life

In addition to his fiction writing, Hadley began the classic television blog It's About TV! in 2011, and has come to be recognized as an expert in the relationship between classic TV and the evolution of American culture. In addition to his blog, he has given presentations on television as a cultural time capsule, and his essays have appeared on several websites, including the widely-read TVParty! website.

In 2018 he published The Electronic Mirror: What Classic TV Tells Us About Who We Were and Who We Are (and Everything In-Between!), a collection of essays from It’s About TV! combined with pieces written especially for the book. As one critic said, after reading The Electronic Mirror “You won't watch TV the same way again!"

Hadley lives with his wife in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition to writing for “It’s About TV!” he is currently working on a third novel.

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